Save the coral reefs

The coral reefs need our help. The reefs treats include coral bleaching, starfish predation, and nutrient pollution. C-Reef blog, was created to share the importance of sharing how the coral reefs are in danger. This blog offers videos, interviews from marine biologist, and testimonials from top scientist from around the world.

C-Reef blog helped me during my research by giving me a starting place to look for more research about the endangerment of the coral reefs. Each of the post on this blog gave a quick introduction about what is happening to the coral reefs in the world.


Ocean Acidification

Cool Green Science blog focuses on all things science. The blog post that I focused on was ocean acidification. Ocean acidification is when carbon dioxide is entering the ocean at a fast pace which is then quickly changing the oceans chemistry. Acidification reduces corals ability to grow the skeleton it needs to build itself up.

In this blog it shares why we should care about ocean acidification. This helped my research by telling me what would happen if corals went away. It would greatly affect the food chain. We would also loose coastal protection, food and lively hood for locals, fish habitat, medicines, and tourism.