Coral Reefs

Coral Reefs by Jason Chin takes a little girl on a journey through the coral reef. When at the library, the girl pulls a very special book about coral reefs. This book then comes alive and the little girl finds herself swimming in the coral reef while learning about the coral reef. This book goes into great detail about corals and the other animals that live among them. Corals are individual polyps. Each polyp has a mouth and tentacles that can sting. When polyps are in danger, they can pull themselves back inside of the coral skeleton for protection.

The book also makes the comparison to coral reefs being similar to a city because there are so many different species living in a small place. Like cities, reefs are very busy and are full of various relationships. Like relationships between predator and prey and the relationship between animals that have a partnership where everyone benefits.

At the end of the book, there is a page dedicated to the threat to the coral reefs. It describes the threat and what is happening to the reefs as well as giving suggestions to the reader of how to help.

Coral Reefs helped me answer my guiding questions by helping me feel and see that I am diving into the coral reef. As the little girl is reading the book, the book is changing to show that part of the coral reef. I also really appreciate the language that the author uses. The language is very detailed and makes the coral reefs understandable for all.



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