California Academy of Science

This weekend I had an awesome chance to visit the California Academy of Science. This living museum is in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. I have been here before, but this was the first time I was here without a huge group of kids following me, so I really took this chance to explore and to learn. The California Academy of Science is a planetarium, aquarium, and natural history museum living under a living roof.

The Steinhart Aquarium is home to over 40,000 animals and over 900 different species. The Steinhart Aquarium is focused on the Philippine Coral Reef. The Philippines is home to the richest, most diverse and colorful animals in the coral reef. There are about 500 coral species and over 2,000 fish species.

This information that I learned at the California Academy of Science’s Steinhart Aquarium helped me get a deeper understanding and appreciation of the coral reefs. I was able to “dive in” and explore all the wonderful animals that call the coral reefs home. I was able to see how the ecosystem of the coral reef works and to see animals in a natural habitat.



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