Jewelers Divide Over Use of Coral

Coral has been in danger of humans for years. Along with coral bleaching, ocean acidification, jewelers have been harvesting coral to make jewelry. In the Mediterranean reef harvesters have been harvesting red and pink coral. In ancient times, Egyptians, Romans and Victorians believed that red coral would ward off evil spirits. These corals are harvest from the coral reefs of the Mediterranean.

Tiffanys was one of the first jewelry company to agree to stop coral harvesting. ““Coral popped on to our radar screen five or six years ago,” Michael J. Kowalski, president and chief executive of Tiffany, told a coral conservation conference in New York in October.” With jewelry companies joining the movement of saving and not harvesting from the coral reef, it will take the threat of coral harvesting away.

The news article helped my research by giving examples, history, and what companies are doing now to save the coral reefs. Jewelry companies are looking for different solutions to make “coral jewelry”. Companies are making molds and making fake coral.


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