In Fight to Save Coral Reefs, Strategies That Work

“When marine biologist Nancy Knowlton began studying coral reefs in the early 1970s, the world’s scientists had little understanding of just how diverse and complex these ecosystems were — and the key role they played in the health of the planet’s oceans. Nor did they fully grasp the scale of the threats that would bear down on coral reefs in the coming decades.” Thanks to the work done by Knowlton, we now know the diversity of the animals that make up the coral reef and how they work together to create the most complex ecosystem in the world. During the interview with Nancy Knowlton and Yale 360, Knowlton describes that the reefs has so much more to explore and to discover on the coral reef. There are a huge number of species that have yet to be discovered.

Nancy Knowlton’s interview helped me understand my guiding questions by sharing information that she has learned while studying the coral reef. She explains how the ecosystem works together to create a system that thrives.


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