Experiential Resource- Oakland Museum

This past weekend I had the opportunity to go to the Oakland Museum. I was very excited about this “field trip” one because I have never been there before and two I have heard wonderful things about the museum. While I was there I found out that they have three buildings dedicated to Natural Sciences, California History, and Art. There is also one building dedicated to featured displays. During the time that I went, the display was about the Pacific Islands and the people that call those Islands home.

When I was in the building for the Natural Sciences, in the back I found that they had a very big display of the Cordell Bank Reef. When looking through the display I found that this reef was located very close to where I live. I was shocked to see that there was a coral reef so close to where I live, since the majority of coral reefs are in the southern hemisphere.

While looking through the display, I learned about all the animals that call Cordell Bank home. Whales, dolphins, seals, hundreds of different kinds of fish, and invertebrates like jellyfish and many kinds of coral. I also learned about the research that is happening at Cordell Bank. Researchers are investigating the relationships between oceanographic processes, zooplankton, marine birds and mammals. With this project it has several objectives.

The objectives include:
1. Understand how the upwelling and the massive amounts of krill bring krill predators to the area.
2. Identify the locations of predators and prey.
3. Monitor the health of the ecosystem, and to understand the changes that happen to the reefs, both natural and unnatural.
4. Provide data for graduate students.



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